Sunday, June 5, 2016

The journey to dreams coming true

Fitness has always been my living reality. I trained hard from 2013 to bring myself to the level of fitness I was in 2007. And am determined to maintain the level, if not improve it, no matter what.
No matter what was the issue before. It's not about inadequate time,i t is also about people around you with total negative ideas towards the pursuance of health and fitness. People who are imbued with the thoughts that being physically present is the means of evidence of fruitful labor.

I broke away...once again. Exercise, running, swimming, workouts, strength training...whatever we embrace and walk the walk, should not be words that cannot be uttered. After all, the quest for health and fitness is a positive one!

The journey began once more-and this time I'm going to emerge one mean,fit machine.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Project 42.195

I often look to Jeff Gaudette for training advice and inspiration. Here is a series of marathon training guides from him.Totally makes physiological rationale and metabolic sense in this training plan.
The Ultimate Marathon Schedule is a 9-part video guide and training schedule on how to structure, build and execute the perfect marathon training plan.
He teaches about the physiological demands of the marathon distance, the three most critical systems needed to target, and help execute the perfect taper and race strategy.
The complete details are outlined on RunnersConnect

Lesson One:Marathon Training Basics

Lesson 2: Marathon Training Theory

Lesson 3:Mastering the Marathon Long Run

Lesson 4:Marathon Specific Workouts

Lesson 5:How to Structure Your Training Plan

Lesson 6:Executing the Perfect Taper

Lesson 7:Mile-by-Mile Race Plan

Lesson 8: Case Study

Lesson 9: Common Questions

Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015-the Running Journey and the 2016 crystal ball

2014 was a full running and race year, but 2015 I wanted more and more did I return myself; 5 half marathons, 21 races (could have been 22-if not for the haze besot SCKLM) and dipping from 1:30 to 1:11 for my 10k time within a year summed up 2015 achievements. 

Opening the year with a 12km MPIB run through the famous double hills, I managed to slash 5 minutes of my first 12km time (GE run 2014)

Another double hills run,this time with a 10k PB of 1:12
My first 21k after 25 years.And made it sub-3!
Just wanted that water bucket
A first night run for me.It stormed just before race start.
The 2nd HM in Putrajaya-was it HOT!
I got podium and Champion!!
Another run where the medal was the main attraction-a retro cassette!

Slashed 1:39 to 1:33 for this 12km race

1st 15k race for 2015,the only other was Newton 2014-burnt off 3.5 minutes off

Another race where it stormed at 6am.Took it easy through the hills

My first relay-2 superhero medals
Met Edan and got his autograph!-My Mercy run for the 2nd year running

3rd HM-cramp-filled from 8th km onwards
the 4th HM-much better and cramp-free(Saltstick did the trick)
AN unhealthy hazy 5k funrun

I did earn the 21k one week later-SCKLM
last HM for the 2015

Just wanted to celebrate Isetan's 25th birthday

Was speeding(by my standards)-#33 Women Veteran
Just for the Garfield souvenirs-a plush cushion, Garfiled tee and and a Garfield engraved medal ended the year's running calender
So what will 2016 hold for me will unfold as I traverse the unpredictable road and path. One thing for sure, running faster,longer and stronger will be the goal.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tales from June & July 2015

Unlike May with three races in three weekends, June was rather sparse with just two races, the Green Warrior Run at Taman Botani Shah Alam and the Pacemaker Anniversary Run Series One.

Total running mileage for June capped at 140km only, a massive drop from previous months. I seemed to have dropped the long back to back runs during the weekends. The Botani Garden in Shah Alam was a relatively hilly route. On that morning, a heavy thunderstorm poured its heart out till almost 8am,and I was uncertain if we would ever get to race. When the rain reduced to a drizzle, the organisers told us to get to the starting line, and before I knew it,the race was on! My Mizuno light rainjacket kept me warm all the way, and dry too. I took an easy approach to this run,being mindful not to slip and fall which would set me back. I completed the 10 km race safely in 1:21.

The Pacemaker Anniversary Run series one kicked off in June. We came out 119/200. But as a result of this my running mileage suffered - only 140kn of running miles was clocked for June. I tried to catch up in July but 150km still could not match the 170-180km i built up at the beginning of the year. In July i trained two HMs on 4th and 25th. I still am unable to break the 3 hour barrier.Series 2 of the PAR took off on July 12th but I was disappointed with my performance.

The new team brought up the rankings to 20/198.For the first time I had the opportunity to participate in a relay race. The union of Superman and Captain America medals was complete.